We work with really smart people. People who build rocket ships. People who program amazing software. People who are way smarter than us. None of them knew what to do when it came to their 401(k). We have college degrees. We are working full time with salaried jobs. No one ever taught us how to navigate the 401(k) minefield. 401(k)ub is a better way to invest.

Prospectus documents from Financial Institutions are a good read spoiled.

Most people just pick the “Target Retirement 20xx Date.” This is often not the best fund for employees. 401(k)ub was created to go through your menu of 401(k) options so you can do more important things like binge watch Netflix or go outside with your family.

401(k)ub gives you get a personalized report specific to your available menu of stocks in plain English. No scary, confusing, vague terms.

Nope. 401(k)ub lets you avoid as many ridiculous fees as possible, letting your (k)ub of a 401(k) turn into a seriously large bear over time. Our grandpas had pensions. Our dads didn’t. We don’t. Our kids certainly never will.
Retirement accounts and 401(k)s are designed to be confusing with loads of jargon and tons of bull 💩 That's how they make so much 💰💰💰 off of your 401(k).

We're 401(k)ub. We have spent entire weekends combing through our employer’s menu of 401(k) options. Our founder is from Omaha, Nebraska. They would like to call themselves the ‘Oracle of Omaha,’ but that name was taken. We're consumer advocates, engineers and violin players.

Yes! We only charge you once for financial advice that will save you thousands in fees. The fee is priced so that the employer-sponsored 401(k) can cover the cost via their employer's match in one month.
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Anyone who has a 401(k) through their employer. You’ve got a menu of options through your employer that are confusing and have dumb names. We tell you exactly which funds are your best options, and which funds are making your 'financial advisor' point and laugh at you.


If they're not laughing, they're certinally enjoying making thousands off of your 'managed account'.

A fiduciary is a professional, that by law, are required to put your best interests first when investing. 85% of “Financial Planners” are NOT fiduciaries. They’re brokers who are just salespeople. Actual fiducaries are a great option, but can cost a minimum of $1,000.

Source: “Frontline: The Retirement Gamble” April 2013.

No. But neither are the people charging you super high fees to ‘actively manage’ your 401(k). 401(k)ub gives you the knowledge and confidence to pick the Self Directed option when you sign up or re-invest in your 401(k), saving you thousands in fees over time , and helping you cut through the 💩

Maybe. The law may/may not get fully implemented, or completely reversed under any administration. Companies might take their sweet time getting their employees up to standard, all the while having an incentive to charge you high fees. 401(k)ub charges you a one-time, up-front fee.